G'Day USA Photography & Publication Project

Identity  +   Photography  +   Publication Design

G’day USA is a collection of photographic pieces taken during my first solo trip of the United States in 2018 and my second trip to the United States & Canada in 2019. With each photograph, I have explored the relationship between the principles of design & art (line, shape, colour, hierarchy… and the rest haha) During my first trip, I spent most of my days just roaming the streets and looking for amazing things to capture and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

  • Self Initiated Project
  • Photography
  • Publication Design
  • May 2018, June/July 2019

After returning from the trip, I sat down and started the long task of creating a coffee table book for the project. Each image is displayed in high resolution on beautiful satin photo paper. I’ve limited the amount of text on each page so the imagery takes centre stage on each spread.


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