Zak Bowen is a multi-disciplined designer, artist and photographer who specialises in corporate identity, branding, advertising and digital art and has more than 8 years of experience creating visual solutions for high-profile clients across numerous industries. He was won - and been nominated for - numerous awards, including the highly prestigious German Design Awards.

He pairs a broad range of creative design experience in graphic design with a deep understanding of the psychology behind design to create effective campaigns and corporate narratives.

In 2010, Zak founded Zak Bowen Creative (ZBC) - a freelance graphic design business based in Melbourne, Australia. Zak has worked with numerous clients including Australian Stand-Up Comedian Lewis Spears and numerous clubs, organisations, companies and businesses all around the world. While running ZBC, Zak has been able to develop and explore his graphic design skills. He has been invited to attend numerous design conferences and workshops around the world.

Zak has earned numerous graphic design qualifications. He has earned a Certificate II in Printing & Graphic Arts at Kangan Institute and both an Associate Degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Design (Majoring in Communication Design) at RMIT University.

Zak has a passion for everything design, as well as music and his vinyl records! 
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