UrBank Branding & Identity

Branding Design  +   Identity  +  Advertising  +  Product Design

​​​​​​​UrBank is the fresh face of the banking industry designed to take advantage of modern technologies and put the focus back on customer satisfaction. UrBank is targeted towards the younger demographic so UrBank has tailored its services accordingly and intentionally decided not to offer investment and business services.

  • UrBank Financial Services
  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporate Branding & Identity
  • January 2019
“We’re tired of the big four pulling the wool over the eyes of their customers. That’s why we’re changing the way banks work with their customers. Join us and help take a stand against the big four. Whatever your needs, we have accounts and services that can help you bank the way you want.“

– Paul Hosking / CEO, UrBank



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