The Luke & Lewis Show

Branding Design  +   Advertising  +   Social Media Marketing  +  Merchandise

Luke Kidgell & Lewis Spears are an Australian comedy duo who have found fame as YouTube bloggers, podcasters and stand-up comedians. They frequently upload video blogs on current events both desperately and together. They are both well known for appearing on their podcasts “Spearhead Sundays” and “Memoirs of a White Guy”. Lewis has recently released his debut comedy special “Death Threats Don’t Scare Me”, while look has just finished a successful Australian stand-up comedy tour titled “The Tambourine Tour”.

  • Luke Kidgell & Lewis Spears
  • Comedy & Entertainment
  • Design & Art Direction
  • July 2019
I was tasked with the job of creating the logo and branding for the new podcast in May. Collateral included, podcast covers, social media images & headers as well as designs for various pieces of merchandise.

In September 2017, the “Luke and Lewis” radio show premiered on Triple M Modern Digital, before moving permanently to the Hit Network, broadcasting all over Australia. In July 2019, they ended their radio show and moved to a twice-weekly podcast.

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