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AIV Group is a music, film and entertainment company based in Brisbane, Australia, created with the purpose of revolutionising the Australian entertainment industry. AIV has a “creator first” philosophy, putting the artist in charge of their own work, artistic direction and vision and giving the creators the space to create the art they want.

  • AIV Group
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Branding & Communication
  • July 2018
The whole aim of AIV is to change the way entertainment companies and creators interact. We want to make sure the creator is free to explore their talents and creativity, without being pressured by executives or production heads. We also want our creators to keep control of their work and product. Our goal is simply to help or creators reach their dreams.

– Felicity Pearson / CEO & Founder

I was commissioned to design a corporate brand and identity for AIV. After hearing about their focus on creators and “creator first” philosophy, I knew immediately I wanted to create something bright, vibrant and simple as a way of showcasing their simple thinking & philosophy about creativity.


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