Unimark’s Subway Signage system has become one of the most iconic pieces of design in existence. Though it has gone through a number of changes since its implementation, it has cemented its place in history and helped make “Helvetica” a household name.
To celebrate this amazing piece of design, I decided to re-design the Melbourne Metro Train Signage System in the style of the New York City Subway Signage System. With the opening of new train stations in Melbourne, PTV (Melbourne’s Public Transport Authority), have installed new signs with new designs that do not match the rest of the system.
Melbourne Central Station - Entrance Sign
Southern Cross Station - Entrance Sign
Personally, I appreciate the NYC system much more than the Melbourne System. It’s consistent, it’s clean, it’s easy to read!
Clifton Hill Station - Platform Sign
General Directional Sign
General Exit & Transfer Sign
As well as designing signage based on the current system, I decided to re-create the signage for closed stations around Melbourne using the original 1970 New York City Transit Authority Graphic Standards Manual, designed by Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda from Unimark International. Below are these examples as they would've appeared in the 1970's.
Whittlesea Station - Retired Black on White Entrance Sign (Based on 1970 Graphic Standards)
Princes Bridge Station - Retired Black on White Pillar Sign (Based on 1970 Graphic Standards)
A collection of complete signage of every station in Melbourne is coming soon...
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